Design studio


Design studio

Heritage has three state-of-the-art design studios in Boynton Beach, Port St Lucie and Naples, Fla. The studios provide custom design studio experiences for homebuyers for our new construction builders throughout Southern Florida. Our design studios cater to local, regional and national builders and are fully customizable to allow for any and all options the builder wants to showcase. Builders who utilize the design studio get access to knowledgeable, experienced design studio consultants who guide home buyers through the process in an exciting way but pay strict attention to builders timeframes and production schedules.

The Heritage design studio philosophy:


  • Provide professional design assistance to every homebuyer
  • Provide a comfortable, clean and presentable setting to allow for educated buying decisions
  • Understand and utilize the buyers profile, budget and style to help customize their home
  • Bring design, product knowledge and technology together to service the needs of today’s homebuyer
  • Always keep the builders timetable, selections, processes top-of-mind, while focusing on the homeowners



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